DTK is a transmitter for measuring differential pressure in liquids and gases. The method of measurement using a ceramic membrane gives a high level of accuracy and stability over a long period.

  • DTK - Differential pressure transmitter for liquids  and gasesSeveral measuring ranges up to 2500 kPa (25 bar)
  • Output signal 0...10 V DC or 4...20 mA
  • Highly durable in most environments
  • Can withstand overpressure of up to 6 times the measuring range (depending on model)
  • Accuracy <1.25% of measuring range
  • Excellent long-term stability dependency

The transmitter consists of a sensor housing of stainless steel and a ceramic membrane. Resistors in thick film technology are applied to the membrane. As pressure affects the membrane, it results in a change of resistance depending on the bending of the membrane, and this is then converted into a proportional output signal by means of the built-in electronics.

The construction, incorporating only one moving part and a direct signal from the membrane, offers a high level of accuracy and a short response time. The properties of the membrane also ensure good stability is maintained over time, as well as a low temperature dependency.

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Download Brochure