Room controller for fan-coil applications with two analogue 0...10 V DC outputs

RCF-230AD - Room Controller with Display and Fan ButtonRCF-230AD is a room controller intended to control heating and/or cooling in 2- or 4-pipe installations. Setpoint and fan speed are set using the buttons on the front.

  • Supply voltage 230 V AC
  • Two analogue 0...10 V DC outputs
  • Built-in relays for a 3-speed fan, 230 V AC
  • Backlit display
  • Input for occupancy detector or window contact
  • Input for automatic change-over cooling/heating

RCF-230AD is a controller for controlling heating and/or cooling in a room. It is intended for control of actuators with 0...10 V DC analogue control signal, and also has a function for three-speed fan control (for fan-coil).

The controller has supply voltage 230 V AC. It has built-in 230 V AC fan relays, which means that a separate relay module is not required for the fan and actuators.

The controller is suitable in buildings where you want optimal comfort and reduced energy consumption, for example offices, schools, shopping centres, airports, hotels and hospitals etc.

The controller has a modern design, inspired by the award-winning design of Regin's Regio controllers.

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Download Brochure