Used to detect smoke in all types of buildings. Constructed to meet the rigorous standards required for smoke detector installations.

  • S50-OE-GA4/S65-OE - Optical Smoke Detector for Ceiling MountingOptical type smoke detector
  • Protection against RFI influence (radio interference)
  • Operates within the temperature range -10...+50°C
  • Compact plastic casing and base with bayonette grip simplifies service and maintenance
  • Multiple detectors can be connected to a single control unit
  • Model S50-OE-GA4 also offers service alarm

S50-OE-GA4 and S65-OE are optical smoke detectors for mounting in all types of premises. They react to visible smoke particles (products of combustion).

The detector consists of a detector head and a base.


The smoke detector is available in two models. The basic model, S65-OE, has all the necessary functions for fire supervision.

The detector S50-OE-GA4 has a service alarm, and is used to alert the need for cleaning and to prevent the risk of false alarms due to a dirty detector.

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Download Brochure