SDD single tube smoke detector for duct mounting is intended for smoke detection in ventilation systems. The detector is available with or without service alarm and auxiliary fan function.

  • SDD-S50/S65 - Single Tube Smoke Detector for Duct MountingIonisation type smoke detector with a minimum of active material
  • RFI-protected (radio interferences)
  • One control unit can control several detectors (does not apply to SDD-S65-RAC)
  • Also available with service alarm, model SDD-S50
  • Compact design. The detector is bayonet mounted to simplify service and maintenance
  • Working range -20 to + 60°C

SDD-S50/S65 are ionisation smoke detectors intended for mounting on all duct types. They react on visible and invisible smoke particles and can therefore detect fire at an early stage.

The aluminium venturi tube is mounted in the duct through a hole, Ø30 mm. The tube length is 540 mm and can be shortened. It can thereby be adjusted to all duct sizes. The detector housing has a window giving a clear view of the flow indicator and the alarm LED. It also has a testplug for simple injection of test gas.

Download Brochure
Download Brochure