Used to detect smoke in all kinds of areas. Constructed to meet the high demands of a modern fire installation.

  • S50/S65 - S50/S65 - Ionisation Smoke Detector for Ceiling MountingIonisation smoke detector with a minimum of active material
  • Protected against RFI (Radio Frequency Interference)
  • Multiple detectors can be connected to one control unit
  • Model S50 has service alarm
  • Compact plastic cover. Bayonet socket simplifies service och maintenance
  • Temperature range -20...60°C

S50/S65 is an ionisation smoke detector for mounting in all kinds of rooms. It reacts to visible and invisible smoke particles and can therefore detect fire at an early stage. The detector consists of a detector head and a socket.

The standard model S65 has functions for smoke detection. Model S50 with service alarm also detects when it needs to be cleaned, which can prevent possible false alarms caused by contamination.

Work Principle
The detector uses the two-chamber principle. The outer chamber registers the particle density in the air and the inner chamber compensates for slow changes in the surrounding air. Smoke in the outer chamber affects the balance between the two chambers, which triggers an alarm.

Download Brochure
Download Brochure