Traditional Room SmartCabinetTM
Room preparation Required and complex Not required 
Design and construction Multi-vendor
Multiple issues
Factory designed and pre-congured
Cost of preparation High Low
Power distribution Requires wall-mounted DB box Costly Built-in system Surge surpression included
Site preparation period 2 - 3 weeks 1 day
Aesthetic Different design, color, sizes, etc. Integrated design
Area required 10 - 20 sqm 10 - 20 sqm
Dust protection Usually not available,
High cost
Fully enclosed system,
IP5X high protection 
Noise level Cooling/UPS equipment may go as high as 65dB
Not suitable in ofce environment
Fully enclosed system,
Suitable for ofce environment <50dB 
Monitoring system Individual systems
Low capability
Low integration
Fully Integrated system
Factory Installed / Connected / Tested 
User interface Different interfaces for different equipment One integration system for all equipment 
Post-sales support Multi-vendors
Poor technical support
Single vendor provides full support
Relocation cost High
Pre-assembled Not possible Yes
Pre-connected Not possible Yes 
Factory tested  Not possible Yes